Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are an entrepreneur, launching a new enterprise or are the owner or manager of an established small or medium-sized business, you will encounter real estate issues and will need trusted legal advice and guidance. A business lawyer with experience in real estate law is essential to protect your rights and ensure that your transactions are legally sound.

At Garonski Law, P.C., with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Moorestown, New Jersey, we have carved a niche in legal services related to commercial real estate issues from lease negotiations to purchases of land, vacant buildings, existing businesses, shopping centers, historic building with an eye to renovation and redevelopment.

Our law firm assists individual entrepreneurs, closely held family businesses, real estate developers as well as joint venture partners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with commercial real estate issues. Acquisitions begin with initial consultations. We evaluate the property’s value, explore development options, governmental approvals, tax assessments and financing options, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Commercial building - steel framework

Legal Scrutiny Ensures Successful Construction Projects

Before entering into purchase negotiations, drafting contracts and drawing up purchase documents, careful scrutiny of viable development options are vital considerations. Attorney, Leo  Garonski will conduct in-depth research of municipal codes and title matters before you conclude your real estate acquisition to ensure a successful project.

Commercial Real Estate Development

Trusted legal advice and guidance as you move to the development stage are no less important than during the acquisition process. At Leo M. Garonski & Associates our clients have come to rely on our industry experience and know-how.

As a developer, you may purchase land to build a residential subdivision, an affordable housing complex, an office building, a shopping center, an industrial park, a restaurant, a retail store or a recreational facility. Or your goal may be restoration of an historic building or major renovation in a business enterprise zone to capture economic development incentives.

Real Estate Planning, Development and Historic Renovations

Building designed and built by Admiral Perry in 1891

Whatever your goal, commercial real estate development encompasses a broad spectrum of activities required to effectively prepare properties for commercial use.

Business law attorney Leo Garonski will help you map out a plan, and cover all the bases from:

  • Loan Transactions
  • Drafting Covenants & Restrictions on Land Use
  • Obtaining Governmental Approvals
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Coordination with Design and Construction Professionals
  • Tax Credits & Abatement
  • Obtaining Zoning & Variances
  • Construction Management
  • Green Building Construction

Legal Expertise to Navigate Legal Complexities

While real estate development can involve many inter-related elements and present complications as a plan comes together, at Garonski Law, P.C., a wealth of experience gives us the skills to unravel legal complexities and craft unconventional approaches to achieve your objectives.

Contact a PA - NJ Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Before you sign a lease, invest in commercial real estate or begin development plans, we invite you to call Garonski Law, P.C. at (856) 235-5000. Arrange a confidential consultation to learn how our firm can help you pave the way to a wise real estate transaction.

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