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Contract Negotiations & Development

Broadly defined, business law is the body of law dealing with business and commercial activities. More specifically, business law encompasses the rules and legal issues related to the organization, planning, commercial transfer, control and management of business entities.

At Garonski Law, P.C., we represent entrepreneurs, closely held family businesses and a diverse range of small to mid-sized companies in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, as well as international clients in a wide range of commercial endeavors.

Our firm's legal services include a broad scope of business transactions, including in-depth analysis, planning and development of new ventures, protecting trademarks and product names, drafting contracts and agreements related to business relationships, business counseling, negotiations and business succession planning.

In the ever-changing business and political landscape, clients rely on us to keep them clients up to date with state and federal laws, regulations and pending legislation that affect their business operations.

Client counseling plays a crucial role in our multi-faceted business practice. When you turn to our law firm for business advice and legal guidance, attorney Leo Garonski works closely with you, sharing your vision, whether your objective is exploring a new enterprise, preserving a family business or the continued growth and prosperity of an established company. Our firm’s expertise lies in helping you see the big picture, anticipating obstacles and preparing a road map to develop and execute strategies, contracts and business agreements to ensure you reach your goals.

Business Transactions

Business transactions that our firm handles for clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Formation
  • Contract Negotiation & Drafting
  • Copyright, Trademark & Trade Names
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Computer Applications and Software
  • Business Governance
  • Succession Planning
  • Non-compete and Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Acquisitions
  • Franchise Relationship Agreements

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When you need trusted legal advice and practical solutions for the challenges your business presents, we invite you to call Garonski Law, P.C. at (856) 235-5000 to learn how a client/attorney relationship with our firm will benefit your business.

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