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New Jersey and Pennsylvania are states long known for the ingenuity and inventiveness of its residents. From the discoveries of Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison to 20th century pioneering in affordable housing development, innovations spawned and capitalized on throughout the Delaware Valley, have dispersed and flourished throughout our nation. At Garonski Law, P.C., we carry on the spirit and traditions rooted in colonial America – breaking new ground, forging strategic alliances, seeking practical solutions for business controversies and planning for the future. Our firm represents regional and international clients, ranging from entrepreneurs, small business owners and educational institutions to mid-sized companies in the technology, real estate, engineering, logistics and other industries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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In pursuit our clients’ growth and prosperity, our firm focuses on a wide range of challenging issues in the areas of:

Garonski Law, P.C. takes pride in offering legal services set to a higher standard. Clients turn to attorney Leo Garonski for his exceptional negotiation skills, his ability to tackle complex business issues and his expertise in developing contracts and strategic agreements.

Whether you are launching a new enterprise, planning for leadership succession, leasing office space, purchasing real estate, weighing development and financing options, assessing your competition, reviewing environmental regulations, exploring available tax incentives or construction alternatives, the expertise of a seasoned attorney who is well versed in business law, intellectual property issues, estate and succession planning and commercial estate planning plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation, growth and ultimate success of your business.

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